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Could This Derail the Recovery? (What to Do About It)

Hey, Ross here:

Let’s start the day by looking at a chart that shows that the recovery from the pullback is broader than most think.

Chart of the Day

This is one of my favorite charts – RSP, the Equal-Weight S&P 500 Index.

It shows how the S&P 500 would look if every stock in the index was given an equal weighting, instead of being weighted by its market cap.

I love this chart because it removes the outsized effects of the mega-cap tech stocks – providing a much clearer picture of the health of the overall market.

Right now, the RSP is just 1.5% away from its all-time highs.

In short, the entire market has almost recovered from the April pullback.

Of course, tomorrow’s pivotal CPI report could derail the whole thing.

I explain what to do below.

Insight of the Day

No matter what tomorrow’s CPI report shows, you want to understand how to position yourself before it’s released.

If the report shows inflation cooling, we’ll likely see the market’s rise accelerate…

Meaning we want to be in the stocks that could surge the fastest as this happens.

If the report shows inflation still being sticky, we could see the recovery stall and the pullback extend longer…

Meaning we want to “buy the dip” in the highest-potential stocks – the ones that could even defy the pullback after the initial volatility subsides.

But it all requires taking action before the CPI report is released tomorrow morning.

That’s why in just a few hours at 11 a.m. Eastern later today…

I’m going LIVE for a masterclass that will allow you to position yourself in “win-win” stocks…

Stocks that could win regardless of what tomorrow’s CPI report shows – all thanks to hidden market-moving catalysts that most of the public doesn’t yet know about.

After today’s masterclass, you’ll know: 

  • How to position yourself in stocks with these hidden catalysts by following the trail of the insider money…
  • The key mistakes traders make when following these insider trades..
  • And the 3 counterintuitive insider buying signals you must know about.

Plus, I’ll also spotlight a fast-moving insider opportunity you don’t want to miss.

So, if you haven’t already, make sure you click here to guarantee your spot for my live masterclass later…

And watch out for the login details in your inbox soon.

Embrace the surge,

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

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