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Investors Love to do This Useless Thing

Hey friend,

Markets fell slightly yesterday. 

But with recent data showing the Fed’s rate increases may be having more of an effect than intended, it’ll be interesting to see how markets move in the next few days.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes except the Dow fell yesterday. No change in any index directions.

The Daily Nugget

It’s not about forecasting – it’s about interpreting.

Investors – and people in general – love “forecasts”.

It gives them a sense of certainty in an uncertain market.

But that’s all it is – a sense of certainty, not actual certainty.

That’s why the best traders rarely forecast.

Instead, they interpret.

They carefully study the price action so they know what the market is actually saying…

And they make informed decisions based on that.

That’s how you achieve superperformance in any market.

Of course, learning how to properly interpret price action takes years of experience.

So, if you want a shortcut to interpreting the highest-signal price action…

Then look no further than this proven chart pattern right here.

The Traders Agency Team

Brand New Strategy for Profiting from AI Stocks

There’s a brand-new strategy in 2024 for going after big profits in AI stocks. It has nothing to do with Nvidia, Microsoft, Meta – or any of the big AI stocks the media can’t stop talking about.

It has to do with a fast-moving “backdoor” that has opened in the AI market... A backdoor that could send a very special class of AI stocks rocketing into the stratosphere.

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