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Profit from the Market’s Appetite

Hey, Ross here:

Markets may have taken a short breather after its strong performance on Wednesday.

But last week was still a winning week…

And as today’s chart shows – we’re just getting started.

Chart of the Day

This is the bull flag pattern in Bitcoin I spotlighted last week right here on this very newsletter.

The pattern appears to be playing out as expected, with Bitcoin up close to 10% over the past four trading days.

As I said then, the price of Bitcoin is a good proxy for the market’s overall risk appetite.

And as the chart shows – the market is hungry for risk…

So let’s use that to our advantage.

Insight of the Day

Not all stocks react the same way to a sudden surge in risk appetite

A rising tide lifts all boats – but not equally.

There are certain types of stocks for which a surge in risk appetite is like the spark that sends their price exploding upward…

While there are others where the reaction is so tepid – they’re barely even worth a second look.

You want to be in the first group of stocks right now…

Right alongside the corporate insiders, who have already taken up their positions in anticipation of this surge.

That’s why tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. Eastern…

I’m going LIVE for a masterclass that will allow you to position yourself alongside the top corporate insiders…

So you can do great while everyone else is doing good.

After tomorrow’s masterclass, you’ll know: 

Why the stocks that corporate insiders are piling into could surge much higher and faster than the rest…

What separates the top insiders from the others (and which insiders you should NOT follow)…

The 3 counterintuitive buying signals you need to know to effectively use this strategy…

And of course, I’ll also spotlight a fast-moving insider opportunity you don’t want to miss.

So make sure you click here to secure your spot for tomorrow’s special weekend masterclass…

And my team will send you the login info before it starts.

I’ll see you at 11 a.m. ET sharp tomorrow morning.

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

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