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Hey friend,

After Wednesday’s big move up, we saw much more muted market action yesterday – which is to be expected.

The Daily Direction

Note: A largely down day for the indexes yesterday – with the exception of the Dow. The medium-term direction for the Dow flipped back upward while the short-term direction for the Russell 2000 flipped back downward.

The Daily Nugget

Rule of thumb: the simpler the strategy, the more effective it tends to be.

Beginner traders love to overcomplicate things.

Experts know that simplicity is worth fighting for.

In trading, going after the leading stocks in the leading sectors – before they become obvious to the public – is simple and effective.

It’s worked for Ross Givens, and it’s worked for many other great traders.

Meanwhile, many traders find themselves tangled up in convoluted options strategies where they don’t even understand the level of risk they’re taking – and end up wiped out.

So don’t be taken in by the myth that more complexity equals more effectiveness. The opposite is usually true.

And if you want to get your hands on a trading strategy that’s fundamentally simple – yet brutally effective – just click here to watch Ross explain how it works.

The Traders Agency Team

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