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Ross Givens

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The Key to Being Aggressive in This Bull Market

Hey, Ross here:

I get it – the bull market can seem like it’s perpetually teetering on the edge.

So to start the day, let’s look at why we should still be aggressive – at least in the near term.

Chart of the Day

This is the U.S. 10-year Treasury yield. Its direction has been reliably negatively correlated with stock prices for the past couple years.

When yields rise, stocks go down. And when yields fall, stocks go up.

And as you can see, since the middle of April, Treasury yields have been in a downward channel pattern.

This signals that – at least in the near term – we should still be aggressive with our trading.

If this trend starts to reverse, then we should be more cautious.

But as I explain below, selective aggression is key.

Insight of the Day

Be selectively aggressive by following those with the firepower to actually create bull markets.

Remember a bull market is created by buyers.

And not all buyers are created equal. A select few – like the mega-billion dollar Wall Street institutions – have the power to actually create bull markets.

I want to ride on their capital and use it for my profits.

I want to be aggressive where they are being aggressive.

That’s why in just a few hours at 11 a.m. later today…

I’m going LIVE to unveil my brand-new masterclass that will show you my unique indicator for detecting when the biggest buyers in the market are aggressively targeting a stock…

So you can use their money for your profits.

After my new live masterclass later this morning, you’ll know:

  • How to detect when buying pressure is building up in a specific stock…
  • Why most traders are blind to this buildup of pressure (causing them to miss out on big gains)
  • And how to use my “PSI Gauge” to determine the exact point to jump into one of these “pressurized” stocks for maximum gains.

So, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you click here to guarantee your spot for my NEW live masterclass…

And watch out for the login info in your inbox shortly.

I can’t wait to see you at 11 a.m. ET later. Do try to login early if you can.

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

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