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Stealth Trades

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Stealth Trades Reviews

“Outstanding Results – bought 300 shares and made a killing! Thank you!”

Jeff R.


What is Stealth Trades

At Stealth Trades, former investment banker Ross Givens utilizes his proprietary system to give you a preliminary heads-up that major buys are in the works.
Ross uses this information to detect signals that huge financial institutions are on the prowl, including Wall Street’s biggest “whales.”
These are massive firms with billions and billions of dollars to spend that can push around the markets.
But to take advantage of this flow of massive institutional money, you need an expert at your side. That’s where Ross comes in.
At Stealth Trades, members get our seven-part Getting Started video series, which covers exactly what a “stealth trade” is, how to find them and how to place your entry and stop orders as well as our Weekly Updates, Trade Write-Ups, Watchlist and Trade Tracker.
Members also have the chance to meet with Ross for a live session every Monday to cover everything he’s seeing in the market.

With The Stealth Trades You'll Have Access To...

  • V.I.P. access to 12 New Stealth Trades $1997.50
  • Full year of complete writeups $997.50
  • Weekly watch list $497.50
  • Stealth Trade Trackers $497.50
  • Free Special Report $0



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