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Let’s see how markets have been moving.

The Daily Direction

Note: It was a mixed day for the indexes yesterday, with the NASDAQ ending lower but the rest closing slightly higher. The Dow regained its long-term upward direction.

The Daily Nugget

How are you preventing yourself from making impulsive decisions?

Not keeping unhealthy snacks in the house. Never going grocery shopping while hungry. Putting your phone on airplane mode an hour before bed.

These are all effective strategies for preventing bad habits. 

So, the question is – do you have something similar to prevent bad habits in your own trading?

A few ideas to consider – always considering a trade for a minimum period of time before making it, never trading without stop losses, and always having a maximum position size for “riskier” trades.

Then, once you’ve implemented strategies for preventing bad trading decisions, you need to start implementing good ones.

Ross Givens can help you with that.

He’s created a system for identifying trades that have the highest potential of all – because they’re based on pinpointing when a flood of institutional money could come pouring into select stocks.

Click here to see just how powerful this system is for yourself.

The Traders Agency Team

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