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How to Balance the Long-Term With the Short-Term

Good morning, Daily Direction readers!

Today, we’re taking a look at the Nasdaq 100 E-mini futures market (NQ) as we continue to watch some very interesting developments in the markets.

We all know that investors on Wall Street are keeping a close eye on the news cycle with everything that’s happening in Europe right now. That’s why sticking to our strategy and monitoring our timeframe charts is of the utmost importance as everything unfolds.

The long-term direction remains up for the Nasdaq, but the short-term direction is currently down. The market is moving closer to our down Fibonacci price point, where it should push back into the buy zone. All we have to do is wait.

While that may be frustrating, we can remain confident that our trading strategy will guide us and keep us on the path of making wise decisions.

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And with that, let’s dive into the current timeframe analysis for the NQ:

Daily Timeframe Analysis

As you can see in our timeframe chart, the market is headed for our down Fibonacci of 12282.5. Once the NQ hit’s that point, we expect it to push up above the current trendline and into the buy zone.

As that happens, we can look for long opportunities within the market.

In the meantime, we’ll study the data and watch our timeframe charts as the market continues to move.

Given the current situation, we don’t want to miss any movements in the market.

That’s why funneling all of the information we get through our analysis is important. It keeps us focused and discourages us from making decisions based on emotion.


The long-term direction is up for the NQ


The short-term direction for the NQ is down


We’re waiting for the NQ to push into the buy zone

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Daily timeframe
While the short-term direction for the NQ is down, we’re anticipating the market eventually breaking the trendline and into the buy zone

As the markets continue to react to the ongoing geopolitical issues mentioned in the news, we’ll dig in and keep looking for smart opportunities to trade.

Remember that we’re trying to manage our risk in a way that allows us to make a profit without overleveraging our accounts!

Keep an eye on those charts and brush up on my free trading resources as we watch the market move.

The Bottom Line

The long-term direction for the NQ is currently up, though the short-term is in a downward trend.

Once the market reaches our down Fibonacci, it should push back into the buy zone, giving us a chance to look for points where we can execute our trading strategy accordingly.

To learn more about how we decide when and where to enter a market, be sure to read my articles!

The Bottom Line

As your trading account increases, you should utilize my expertise to further craft your own trading strategy! There is no real reason to accomplish something if you don’t have a plan, so be sure you have one before you begin.

Keep On Trading,

Mindset Advantage: Better Today

Look forward and forget the past. At least for today. Adopt the mantra: Better today than yesterday. Better tomorrow than we are today.

The journey to consistent profits is not built with a trade or a single session. We all know this… but then we proceed to hold positions longer than we should, move stops that we shouldn’t, and trade outside our plan.

How about one day at a time?

Start with today. Tomorrow comes later.

Traders Training Session

Recognizing Market Patterns
Getting Started With Futures Trading

Stay tuned for my next edition of Josh’s Daily Direction.

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