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Say No to Playing Favorites

Hey friend,

After a big jump on Wednesday, markets closed slightly positive yesterday.

This is normal – most big moves take time to digest. 

We’ve already seen this happen a few times in this recent rally – so this shouldn’t surprise you.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed flat or higher yesterday. No change in any index directions.

The Daily Nugget

 Be careful about having “favorite” stocks.

In trading, a disproportionate amount of your returns will usually come from just a few stocks.

This is perfectly normal…

But it can also cause you to become a bit too emotionally attached to these stocks…

And that can cause problems – like holding on to them for a bit too long or justifying to yourself why you should buy back into them even if they violate your strategy’s criteria.

Remember, it all comes back to being disciplined with your strategy…

ESPECIALLY when markets are rallying, which naturally creates exuberance.

So, detach yourself from stocks and just stick to your strategy.

And if you’re looking for a strategy that’s already delivered outstanding results during all the other rallies this year…

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The Traders Agency Team

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