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Ross Givens

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This is Why Trading Can be Difficult

Hey friend,

The market rally continues…

And you can see that by looking at the sea of green in The Daily Direction table below.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes – except the Russell 2000 – closed higher yesterday. No change in any index directions.

The Daily Nugget

A lot of successful trading is counterintuitive.

The things that most successful traders do can be very counterintuitive.

Take for example, the blistering rally we’re now in.

Did you know that it happened right as the market turned peak bearish? 

This isn’t speculation, it happened right as the American Association of Individual Investors showed over 50% of members being bearish – the lowest since October 2022 (the low of the 2022 market).

That’s counterintuitive…

And it’s why new traders often find trading so challenging.

Of course, for experienced traders like Ross Givens, a lot of these counter-intuitions have become second nature.

That’s how he was able to call the market’s movements almost down to the letter these past couple months…

And why it’s valuable for newer traders to soak up as much wisdom as they can from those who have been-there-done-that.

Right now, Ross Givens is recommending traders to get strategically aggressive…

By participating only in areas the “smart money” is also flowing into.

And you can do that by looking out for what he calls Stealth Trades…

Specific trade patterns the “smart money” makes when they’re buying into a stock.

He’s developed a complete strategy around spotting these Stealth Trades…

And you can start using this strategy for yourself (for just a few bucks) by clicking here.

The Traders Agency Team

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