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Volatile vs. Choppy Markets (Not What You Think)

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Here’s how markets have been moving as we close out the week.

The Daily Direction

Note: Markets rose after dovish comments by a Fed official and buyers stepping in at key support levels. The long-term direction of the NASDAQ flipped back into positive territory.

The Daily Nugget

A choppy market isn’t just a random descriptive term – it means a market where no clear trend is visible.

Lots of people like to use the phrase “choppy market”. But did you know that the term doesn’t just mean a volatile market and that there is a real technical definition to it?

A choppy market means a market where no clear trend is visible, where buyers and sellers are battling it out with neither really gaining the upper hand. Prices keep bouncing between resistance and support, creating rectangular chart patterns.

Lesson here – don’t confuse a volatile market with a choppy one. A volatile market may still have clear trends that you can take advantage of for quick gains.

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