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A Guaranteed Recipe for Trading Frustration

Hey friend,

The speed of the market rally has slowed down compared to last week.

But make no mistake, it’s still happening – and you can see that by the amount of green on the table below.

The Daily Direction

Note: Yesterday’s market movements were largely a repeat of Monday’s. All indexes – except the Russell 2000 – closed higher yesterday. No change in any index directions.

The Daily Nugget

Many rallies can be surprisingly frustrating.

Yesterday, we talked about how trading can be counterintuitive…

And the example we gave was the rally we’re in right now starting at the point of peak bearishness of the market.

Today we have another counterintuitive trading example…

And it’s that many market rallies can be surprisingly frustrating for traders.


Because they see the broader market rallying…

But most of the setups they’re seeing in individual stocks are subpar at best.

A strong market rally combined with few buying opportunities is a guaranteed recipe for frustration.

That’s what’s happening now.

And why Ross Givens is going LIVE right now to show you how to spot the strongest buying opportunities amid this rally.

So click here to join him in the live room now…

And see how you could profit while everyone else is wallowing in frustration.

The Traders Agency Team

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