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Crude Oil

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Crude oil is a major commodity that trades in global markets as both spot oil and by derivatives contracts, The articles  are some trading ideas to analyze.

Crude oil is a synthetic derivative that occurs naturally and is made up of hydrocarbon deposits as well as other organic compounds. Crude oil is a form of fossil fuel that is processed into useful goods such as gasoline, diesel, and various petroleum products. It is a nonrenewable resource, which ensures that it cannot be replenished naturally at the rate at which we consume it, making it a finite resource.

Crude oil is traditionally accessed by drilling, where it is also discovered alongside other commodities such as natural gas (which is lighter and therefore lies above the crude oil) and saline water (which is denser and sinks below).

Following extraction, crude oil is distilled and converted into a range of consumer products such as diesel, kerosene, and asphalt.

While it is often referred to as “black gold,” crude oil varies in viscosity and colour from black to yellow based on the hydrocarbon composition. The first step of refining is distillation, which is the method of heating and separating oil into various components.