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Be Happy About the Market’s “Irrationality”

Hey friend,

Let’s see how markets have been moving as we close out the trading week.

The Daily Direction

Note: A mixed close for the markets yesterday, and as the above table shows – the contrast between which indexes are performing well (and which are not) is starkly clear.

The Daily Nugget

The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.

Anyone who was 100% convinced that shorting NVIDIA was a sure shot is probably crying right now.

Some may even be stubbornly clinging to their positions (assuming they still have margin) – crying that NVIDIA stock is “obviously” overvalued.

Are they right? Perhaps. Maybe it is the market that is irrational – and not them.

But the market can often remain “irrational” far longer than you can remain solvent…

Which is why it’s so critical to move with the market – instead of expecting the market to become rational on your own terms.

That’s what chart patterns are for – to help tell you where the market is going (regardless of whether you think it’s “rational” or not).

And right now, Ross Givens is going LIVE to unveil his #1 chart pattern…

A pattern that has recently spotted moves like this one…

And is right now primed to spot plenty such similar moves.

So click here to join Ross in the live room right now…

And see why you should be happy about the market’s irrationality instead.

The Traders Agency Team

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