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Can You Master This Trading Paradox?

Hey friend,

Here’s how the markets have been moving as we enter the middle of the trading week.

The Daily Direction

Note: Stocks closed slightly lower yesterday as Treasury yields rose – but it wasn’t enough to cause any shifts in the indexes’ directions.

The Daily Nugget

You can be BOTH conservative and aggressive in your trading at the same time.

Many beginner traders think that being conservative or aggressive in your trading is a mutually exclusive thing. You’re either conservative or aggressive – but it’s impossible to be both.

But the truth is, the best traders can be both conservative AND aggressive.

They’re extremely risk-conscious – always using stop losses to minimize any drawdowns and carefully managing their position sizing. 

But they’re also aggressive in chasing after potential rewards. When they see their favorite setup happen, they don’t hesitate – they pounce.

And here’s another part of the paradox. It’s BECAUSE they’re so risk-conscious that they can be so aggressive. They know that even if the trade doesn’t work out, they won’t lose much.

So, take a page from the books of these traders and master this paradox – try to be conservative and aggressive at the same time.

The conservative part is just simple – but disciplined – risk management. The aggressive part is having a few proven setups in your arsenal that you can use over and over again.

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The Traders Agency Team

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