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Can You Pass This “Trust Test”?

Hey friend,

Let’s see how the markets have been moving.

The Daily Direction

Note: Stocks pulled back yesterday after Friday’s big upward close – a perfectly natural move. No change in any index directions except for the Russell 2000’s long-term direction flipping back downward.

The Daily Nugget

A good trader won’t hesitate in buying the same “losing” stock again if the setup is right.

Imagine this scenario.

You spot a stock entering your favorite setup, and you get in.

But this time, things don’t play out the way they usually do, and you get stopped out.

Then, a few months later, you spot that same stock entering your favorite setup once again.

Do you get in the trade without hesitating? Or do you let your past experience with this particular stock stop you from trusting your setups?

Beginner traders would falter.

But the pros wouldn’t hesitate, because they trust their setups to hand them profits over time.

And that’s the key to the whole game – proven strategies that can deliver you consistent profits over a long time frame.

If you don’t have a proven strategy yet, don’t worry about it – because Ross Givens has you covered.

Because he’s giving away access to his flagship strategy for just 99 cents as part of our extended Memorial Day Special…

An offer that ends this week.

So if you want to get your hands on a time-tested trading strategy for some pocket change…

Click here to do so before the opportunity slips away.

The Traders Agency Team

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