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Don’t Let THIS Consume Your Trading

Hey friend,

Let’s start the new trading week by looking at how markets have been moving.

The Daily Direction

Note: Markets closed the week strong – flipping almost all index directions back upward.

The Daily Nugget

Worry less about the indexes and focus more on stocks that meet your trading criteria.

This may be a strange nugget to read in a newsletter that tells you all about where the major indexes are moving.

But it’s true. Index movements should only inform your trading – not consume it.

Most of your focus should be placed on i) developing a specific trading criteria and ii) studying stocks that meet these criteria to determine if you should trade them (and how).

So, try not to get shaken up by the bombastic financial news media. Stay focused if you want to see success.

And if you want to get your hands on the specific trading criteria that the biggest Wall Street banks are using – make sure you watch this.

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