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Everything is Fair Game for Traders

Hey friend,

One of the signs of a healthy pullback is that stocks just don’t keep going down.

They fall, they move sideways – and they also make significant moves up during the pullback.

That’s what happened yesterday…

So let’s look at The Daily Direction table to see how markets have been moving.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed higher yesterday, causing the short-term directions for the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq to flip back upward.

The Daily Nugget

Don’t allow yourself to be trapped by the various stock categorizations.

Some people only invest in growth stocks… some only in value stocks.

Some only invest in stocks above a certain market cap… others only invest in stocks below a certain market cap.

These stock categorizations are helpful when discussing stocks – but they can be dangerous when you actually invest in them…

Because they can cause you to artificially limit your opportunity set – and by extension, your actual opportunities themselves.

The best traders go where the opportunities are – period.

They don’t limit themselves to growth stocks, value stocks, large-cap stocks, or small-cap stocks – EVERYTHING is fair game.

Because where the opportunities are will shift according to market conditions – and you need to shift with them to succeed.

Right now, it’s the start of earnings season – and there are major opportunities up for grabs if you know where to look.

Earlier this morning, Ross Givens went LIVE for a masterclass on how to target these opportunities by leveraging the knowledge of corporate insiders.

Few know about this legal loophole – and even fewer know how to systematically take advantage of it.

So, if you missed his masterclass this morning…

Click here to watch the replay now…

Or click here to book a call with one of our friendly Education Specialists to find out how to use this “insider” strategy to crush this earnings season.

The Traders Agency Team

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