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Ross Givens

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Feeling A Bit TOO Excited?

Hey friend,

Let’s see how markets have been moving as we start a new (shortened) trading week.

The Daily Direction

Note: Bad news is good news again, and all indexes ended last week higher after a rise in unemployment numbers sparked hopes that the Fed will put a stop to its rate hiking cycle. All index directions have flipped back upward.

The Daily Nugget

If you feel extremely excited about a particular trade – be careful.

Good traders win over the long term.

To do that, they know their edge, know when to trade (and when not to), and know how to protect their downside.

If a trade goes their way great – all part of the system.

If it doesn’t – they just exit at their predetermined stop loss. It’s no big deal, all part of playing the odds.

This means that if you find yourself getting a bit TOO excited about the outcome of a particular trade – you should be careful.

Know your edge and keep refining it – but never get too emotionally invested in the outcome of any one trade. Because that’s a recipe for failure.

The Traders Agency Team

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