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Ross Givens

Stock Trader & Educator

Focus – or Fail

Hey friend,

Let’s see how markets have been moving as we start a new trading week.

The Daily Direction

Note: Comments by certain Fed officials caused the narrative that the rate hiking cycle was over to waver – sending stocks to a lower close last week. No change in any directions.

The Daily Nugget

An often overlooked trading skill – focus.

There are nearly infinite data points you can get from the market.

But you only have the capacity to process a tiny fraction of them.

That means you need to know what tiny sliver of data to pay attention to – and what to ignore.

If you can’t, you’ll drown in the noise – and likely take your trading account down with you.

So the question is – what should you be paying attention to to succeed in trading?

Here’s the answer.

The Traders Agency Team

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