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Ross Givens

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Many Traders Just Don’t Do This

Hey friend,

Welcome to a new trading week.

It’s amazing how much the market can turn in the span of a few days…

And we can see that by looking at how much green there is on the table below.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes “gapped up” last Friday – as they did for the last four days of the past week. And as you can see, the effect has been dramatic. With the exception of the Russell 2000, the other major indexes have all reclaimed their upward directions.

The Daily Nugget

When the market speaks – listen.

When the market speaks, many traders fail to listen.

Why? Because what the market is saying goes against what they previously thought…

And they’d rather stubbornly cling on to their beliefs rather than listen to the market.

This is a recipe for both emotional and financial pain – so don’t do this.

Remember that the market is the ultimate arbiter – so when it speaks, you must listen.

And right now, the market is saying that it’s time to get aggressive.

The institutional investors are already gearing up…

Ready to throw the billions they have at their disposal back into the market.

This means if you know how to target the same stocks they’re targeting…

You could leverage their money and ride them straight to the top.

Ross Givens’ flagship strategy is all about targeting these institutional moves…

And today is the LAST DAY you can get a hold of his strategy for just 99 cents.

So don’t let this pass you by…

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And get ready to profit from this rally.

The Traders Agency Team

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