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Ross Givens

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Most Traders are Way Too Obsessed With This

Hey friend,

Chances are good we’ll see another winning week in the markets.

So let’s see how markets have been moving.

The Daily Direction

Note: Indexes closed flat or marginally lower yesterday – but with no change in any index directions, which all remain upward.

The Daily Nugget

Stop thinking about what the markets “should” do and focus on what the market is doing.

Too many traders and investors are obsessed with what the markets “should” do…

You’ll find them forcefully arguing their point of view on TV and on social media…

Coming up with argument after argument over why the markets “should” do what they say it will.

Don’t waste your limited energy on this.

It doesn’t matter what the market “should” do – only what it actually does.

And right now, it’s in the midst of emerging from a pullback…

Meaning the opportunity for you to buy the dip – and maximize your returns – is quickly closing.

That’s why tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. Eastern…

Chief Trading Strategist Ross Givens is going LIVE for a masterclass in strategic dip buying.

He’ll show you how to track the corporate insiders into the highest-potential stocks…

And you’ll also discover:

  • Which insiders to follow (and which not to follow)
  • The insider buying patterns you need to know about…
  • And the counterintuitive signs that a particular insider stock is a good buy.

So, if you haven’t already, make sure you click here to secure your spot for his masterclass tomorrow…

And we’ll send you the login details before it starts.

Ross will see you tomorrow at 11 a.m. ET sharp.

The Traders Agency Team

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