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Most Traders Have Zero Clue How to Do This

Hey, Ross here:

The question as to how long the recent rally in US stocks can continue without a pullback continues.

And today’s Chart helps show what needs to happen for the rally to continue.

Chart of the Day

The first three weeks of January saw a combined net outflow of over $15 billion from US equity mutual funds and ETFs.

But the final week of January saw a healthy net inflow of $5.9 billion instead.

If these inflows can be sustained – and even increased – there’s a decent chance this rally can keep chugging on a while longer.

But if we start seeing more net outflows instead, a correction could be due.

Regardless of which turns out to be the case, we shouldn’t ignore the largest source of opportunities available right now – one that won’t last for much longer.

Insight of the Day

Most traders have zero clue how to intelligently make bets on earnings season.

Earnings season is the largest source of opportunities out there right now – one that is largely independent of the broader market.

But most traders have zero clue how to intelligently play it.

You see, price action and chart patterns can only tell you a small part of the story…

You have no way of knowing what the earnings are in advance…

And its often the company’s guidance – not the earnings themselves – that influence how the stock moves right after.

It’s an extremely difficult puzzle to solve – yet also extremely lucrative if you have an edge.

After years trying to solve the earnings puzzle, I’ve developed a powerful edge – one that relies on the knowledge of those at the highest levels within the company itself.

It’s 100% legal, virtually unknown, and extremely effective.

Using this edge for yourself could have netted you a nearly 30% gain in the first two days of this week alone. That’s how powerful it is.

And that’s why later today at 11 a.m. Eastern…

I’m going LIVE for a masterclass that will show you exactly how to use this edge for yourself…

So you too will be able to target big fast gains like the above – even if the broader market pulls back sharply.

This will likely be my final live masterclass on this trading edge for quite a while. Miss it, and miss out.

So make sure you click here to save your seat for my live masterclass…

Clear your calendar…

And watch for the login details in your inbox in a bit.

See you very soon.

Embrace the surge,

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

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