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Hey friend,

Earnings… the Fed’s latest messaging… new jobs and economic data – it’s a lot for the market to digest.

That digestion period isn’t over – so let’s see how markets have been moving.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed marginally higher yesterday – with no change in any index directions. This kind of back-and-forth price action indicates the market is still digesting all the news.

The Daily Nugget

Most traders are unwilling to do the hard work of uncovering actual competitive information.

Trading is a competitive sport.

In most cases, every winning trade means a losing trade for the opposite party.

That’s why having information that can give you an actual competitive edge in the market is so critical.

Most traders are unwilling to do the hard work of digging out this kind of information – it’s too tedious and time-consuming to separate the signal from the noise.

But for those who do, the rewards can be extremely lucrative.

Take, for instance, Ross Givens’ “insider” strategy – which could have given those who followed it a 26.8% gain over the past two days.

The only reason Ross was able to sniff out such an opportunity was by doing the hard work of digging deep into places most other traders don’t even bother to look.

That’s a true competitive advantage.

That’s why in just a few hours at 4 p.m. Eastern today…

Ross is going LIVE for a masterclass to show how anyone can use this exact same strategy to target all the earnings season opportunities out there right now – without doing any of the hard research work themselves.

Make sure you attend this masterclass before earnings season is over…

Because those who had access to this strategy could already have booked a 26.8% gain just this week alone.

So make sure you click here to save your spot for his masterclass later…

And we’ll send you the login details in a couple hours.

The Traders Agency Team

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