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Stop Worrying About The “Tech Heavy” Market

Hey, Ross here:

Tech accounts for over 30% of the S&P 500 index.

It’s a key reason U.S. stock markets have outperformed the rest of the world – but it’s also a cause for concern, with many saying that U.S. stocks are too tech heavy.

As today’s chart shows, this sort of sector concentration is nothing new.

Chart of the Day

Over a century ago, the railroad sector absolutely dominated the stock market – to a far greater degree than tech today.

And it wasn’t just the U.S. either, but the UK as well.

It’s completely normal for stock markets to have one sector that dwarfs the rest. It was true (even more true) in 1900, and it’s the same now in 2024.

The only thing that changes is which sector dominates – the natural cycle of the markets.

In short, stop worrying about the “tech heavy” market – and focus on targeting the market leaders instead.

Insight of the Day

Don’t wait for the pullback to position yourself in the leading stocks.

Yes, a pullback will happen – it’s almost inevitable.

And yes, positioning yourself in the leading stocks during a pullback will give you better entry prices.

BUT – no one can tell you when exactly the pullback will happen…

Meaning by the time the pullback actually happens, you could have already missed out on a lot of healthy gains.

And as long as you systematically take profits along the way and stick to your stop losses, the pullback will just be yet another opportunity to position yourself in the leading stocks.

But don’t ignore the opportunity in front of you now.

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See you then.

Embrace the surge,

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

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