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The Bull Case for Crude Oil

Following an incredible run higher at the start of the year, the crude oil (CL) futures market is down hard over the last few months.

And after breaking below its longer term up trend line this month, the market is right back to where it started the year.

However, the market is still testing support on the monthly time frame, so a move back above the trend line cannot be ruled out just yet.

Here’s what we need to see to get bullish on CL again…

The Bull Case

Here’s how the chart is shaping up…

Crude Oil Futures Contract (CL) Price – Source: TradingView

The CL monthly time frame is in an up channel. The market is near the bottom of the channel.

And it is showing signs of pushing bullish towards the top of the channel price point 147.27, about +6,355 ticks above the market.

It will be a good idea to turn to the daily time frame and to look for low prices in the buy zone.

The CL daily time frame is in an up trend, with the market at a low price hitting the up trend line.

Therefore, it will be a good idea to wait for the market to push bullish and close above the short term down trend line before looking for long ideas off the one hour time frame.

The Bottom Line

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