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The Two Sides of Every Market “Surprise”

Hey, Ross here:

What’s in store for the markets in the coming weeks?

Today’s chart points toward one likely answer.

Chart of the Day

The US Dollar Index just made two consecutive big moves up.

As you may know, just like Treasury yields (which also just made two similar upward moves) – the US Dollar Index has generally been negatively correlated with the stock market.

Obviously, a two-day move by itself doesn’t mean a whole lot.

But the US Dollar Index does look like it’s on the verge of breaking out strongly…

And if it does – that could cause a temporary pullback in stocks.

The good news? Just knowing this increases the odds of you being on the winning side. I explain more in the Insight of the Day.

Insight of the Day

There are always two sides of every market “surprise” – the winners and the losers.

Winners have expected the “surprise” and are prepared for it– from both a positional and emotional standpoint.

Losers are caught completely off guard – resulting in hasty, panicky reactions that only make their situation worse.

Now that you know that a pullback is likely, you won’t be surprised if it happens. You’ll be a winner.

Another big difference between winners and losers?

Losers often miss the opportunity that’s staring them right in the face.

Look at what happened to Meta’s shares last Friday – surging 20% and adding a staggering $200 billion to its market cap in a single day.

That’s the scale of the opportunity inherent in earnings season.

And that’s why in a couple hours at 12 p.m. Eastern today…

I’m going LIVE for a masterclass on a strategy that will allow you to target the most lucrative earnings surprises out there right now.

Because if a mega-cap stock like Meta can make a big move like that, what more a small-cap stock a fraction of its size?

But earnings season is ending soon – so don’t miss it.

Just make sure you click here to save your spot for my live masterclass later…

Look out for the login details in your inbox in a bit…

And I’ll see you at the masterclass.

Embrace the surge,

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

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