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The Upside of This Irrational Market

Hey friend,

Been a volatile week. Let’s see how the markets have been moving.

The Daily Direction

Note: Another down day for the markets as fears about the banking sector continued to spread. However, there was no change in the directions of the indexes from yesterday.

The Daily Nugget

“The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent”
~John Maynard Keynes

Michael Burry bled millions while holding on to his short positions right before the Global Financial Crisis. He managed to stay solvent long enough for the irrational market to correct itself – but just barely.

Of course, this applies more to investors holding positions over longer terms. But even shorter-term traders should take this classic piece of advice to heart – especially in the current environment.

The good news? Irrationality can work in your favor. Because irrationality leads to persistent trends – trends you can follow and profit from.

And, profiting from trends is Ross Givens’ specialty. By spotting when the institutional money is about to flow into a stock – because they simply can’t keep staying in cash – he’s been able to pinpoint fast-moving opportunities in every market. See it for yourself here.

The Traders Agency Team

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