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THIS is a Trader’s Greatest Asset

Hey friend,

Let’s see how the markets have been moving as we close out the trading week.

The Daily Direction

Note: As fears of the “banking crisis” subsided – stocks recovered. The S&P 500 regained its long-term uptrend, while the NASDAQ has shifted solidly into positive territory.

The Daily Nugget

The greatest investment a trader can make is in themselves.

What is the greatest asset a trader can have? Yes, a fat trading account helps. But as the stories of many crypto and options traders have shown – it’s far too easy to lose it all.

The truth is, the greatest asset a trader can have is their own knowledge and skills. Because that will endure no matter what the market is doing, or how much you have in your account right now.

Jesse Livermore went bust multiple times – yet always came roaring back to make another fortune. 

Sure, he probably should have put some of his profits aside instead of dumping it all back into trading. But the point stands – it was his skills that allowed him to always come back.

And when it comes to improving your trading skills, there’s no better mentor than Ross Givens (just peep the Traders Agency Google reviews).

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The Traders Agency Team

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