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This Stock Defied the Market (+ the Truth About Bear Markets)

Hey, Ross here:

Don’t be fooled by the dipping markets – check out this high-potential trade idea.

Chart of the Day

First things first – this is not Chase bank.

Chase Corp (CCF) is a specialty chemical company that specializes in protective coatings.

The chart looks similar to the setup I’m seeing in AMR – a textbook base made up of a series of shallowing retracements from left to right.

There are also big patches of heavy buying volume which support a pending breakout to the upside.

$100 per share (often called a “Centennial level) is likely to be significant. But if CCF can break through it, I expect to see a quick move up to the $120 area.

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Insight of the Day

You don’t have to participate in a bear market.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “I refuse to participate in a recession”? It’s often said by entrepreneurs, who believe that just because the economy is suffering, it doesn’t mean their business has to as well.

I believe the same is true for the stock market. Just because the market is falling doesn’t mean your portfolio must suffer alongside it.

Businesses can defy the market. Stocks like CCF can defy the market – you just have to be smart about finding them amid all the noise.

Of course, stocks that can keep trending higher while the market is falling are anomalies. That’s why I created an entire system designed to identify one of the largest reasons behind these anomalies – institutional inflows. Click here to find out more about my system.

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

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