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Use This Before It’s Too Late

Hey, Ross here:

As we close out the trading week, let’s look at a chart that reminds us of just what’s possible when we get things right.

Chart of the Day

The chart above shows NVIDIA spiking by 25% and adding about $200 billion of market value in a single day thanks to blowout forward guidance from the AI revolution.

The stock was already worth over $700 billion the day before – now it’s worth close to a trillion.

We usually only see these kinds of moves on much smaller stocks, so make no mistake – this was an anomaly.

But it just goes to show what’s possible when we get things right.

And amid all the non-stop doom-and-gloom being pumped out by the click-hungry media, big moves like this help remind us what’s possible with trading.

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Insight of the Day

When optimism enters the market – use it before it’s gone.

Humans are easily-influenced creatures with herd-like behavior.

That’s just the way things are – and why the market often seems so irrational.

As traders, we must be able to use that irrationality to our advantage.

So, when a burst of optimism enters the market – as it just has thanks to NVIDIA and the AI revolution – we must seize it before it disappears.

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Embrace the surge,

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

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