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What Pro Poker Players Can Teach Traders

Hey friend,

New record highs… GDP figures that crushed all expectations… and new inflation data that’s on track with the Fed’s target.

Things are looking good – and you can see it reflected in the color of the Daily Direction table.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed higher yesterday – sending the short-term direction for the Russell 2000 index back upward.

The Daily Nugget

You don’t have to play every hand.

In poker, the professionals fold about 70% of the time. That means most of the time, they’re folding.

Why? Because the hands they were dealt in those cases were suboptimal. So rather than bet when the odds were not in their favor, they opt to fold instead.

They only play 30% of their hands – when they can see the odds are with them.

Pro traders are the same way.

But sadly, many amateurs aren’t. They make the mistake of trying to “play every hand” – making trades even when the odds aren’t in their favor (or worse, making trades when they don’t know the odds at all).

You want to act like a pro and only make trades when the odds are in your favor.

The good news is, it’s earnings season right now – and Ross Givens has a perfect strategy for stacking the odds heavily in your favor.

And in just a few hours at 12 p.m. Eastern today…

He’s going LIVE for a masterclass on how to tap into “insider knowledge” to make high-percentage trades that could make big moves in a matter of days.

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The Traders Agency Team

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