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While the Masses Panic, Here’s What the Elites are Really Doing

Hey, Ross here:

We’ll talk a little more about the so-called “banking crisis” that’s plaguing the markets in a bit.

But first, don’t forget that there are stocks that are always advancing no matter what’s happening in the markets.

Chart of the Day

Perion (PERI) is an Israeli-based digital advertising firm posting tremendous numbers.

Sales are growing at >30% per quarter and earnings growth is even higher.

I talked about this stock last week as well. As expected, PERI broke out and ran 8% in the first three days.

But that move came to a halt Thursday when the market fell apart, giving traders a second chance to buy this one at the breakout point (white horizontal line).

And now, there may be a third chance. The market has taken some heavy losses, but PERI has been holding strong – quickly recovering back to the breakout point.

I would work a stop at $32.45 to risk just 5% on the trade.

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Insight of the Day

What the masses do – and what “those in the know” do – are rarely the same.

While investors are running around worried about the so-called “banking crisis” and dumping banking stocks – check out what those who lead those banks are actually doing.

That’s right. The people who 100% know more about what’s going on than the public – they’re buying.

My rule of thumb – always watch what the insiders are doing. Because they have access to a level of information that’s practically impossible for you and I to get.

I’ve studied these corporate insiders extensively. And disturbingly, I’ve found that the best of them can have an almost unbeatable track record. 

See the proof for yourself – plus how you can use it for your own gain.

Ross Givens
Editor, Stock Surge Daily

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