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Who Says You Can’t Fight the Fed? (Proof Inside)

Hey, Ross here:

While the news headlines are screaming about a “new bear market” thanks to Powell’s comments yesterday, take a look at today’s trade idea.

Chart of the Day

Perion Network (PERI) is an Israeli-based digital advertising firm posting tremendous numbers.

Sales are growing at over 30% per quarter and earnings growth is even higher.

The stock dipped following its February 8 earnings report, but the stock recovered almost immediately showing a strong appetite for the shares.

This is a name I haven’t heard many traders talking about, so it is somewhat off most people’s radar… which is another reason I like it.

It just broke through the clearly-defined $35 resistance level – despite Powell’s hawkish comments. That’s a buy trigger for me.

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Insight of the Day

The market may not be able to fight the Fed – but individual stocks certainly can.

By now, almost everyone’s heard the saying you can’t fight the Fed. Considering the sway the Fed holds over the market – one that’s only been growing stronger – and you can see why this advice makes sense.

But while the market as a whole may not be able to fight the Fed – individual stocks certainly can. 

Just look at PERI that I just posted above – it actually rose even as the markets fell on Powell’s comments.

So don’t believe the sensational news headlines only designed to steal your attention. Peer beneath the surface of the market, and you’ll see that there are always fast profits to be made.

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Ross Givens

Editor, Stock Surge Daily

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