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Worried About Trading in an All-Time High Market?

Hey friend,

Not much action in the markets these past couple of days.

This is normal after a big event like the Fed meeting last week.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed marginally lower yesterday – but not enough to change any index directions.

The Daily Nugget

It will always feel a little scary.

It can feel scary to make bullish trades when the market feels so “toppish”.

Many feel that the top MUST be in soon – and that the market will fall right after they make their trades.

This is perfectly normal.

But the truth is, bullish sentiment is self-reinforcing – and as long as the fundamentals are there (which they are right now) – new highs tend to lead to more new highs.

This means the worst thing you can do right now is sit on the sidelines.

Stop losses and systematic profit taking will allow you to capture the upside while protecting your downside.

Stick to those and you won’t have anything to worry about.

Get it while the going’s still good.

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The Traders Agency Team

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